Education – "Where School Readiness Beings"

At Head Start/Early Head Start your child will learn many language skills. They develop early reading and writing skills. Children also develop basic science and math skills so they can explore and organize the world around them. 

Head Start children learn many emotional skills and social skills. Our program helps children develop a strong sense of “self.” This helps them to become independent and confident about themselves, an ability to cooperate with others, and a growing social knowledge and awareness so they can do well in their families and their communities. 

Head Start also emphasizes physical development skills. Our children get daily practice at gross motor skills that include running, playing, jumping, climbing and catching on well-equipped playgrounds. In addition, we emphasize the development of a child’s fine motor skills with activities such as working with scissors, play dough and glue. Your child will also develop good health practices like tooth-brushing, toileting, and personal hygiene.