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Head Start and Early Head Start

For Families

Do you want to give your child a "Head Start"?

Even though there are certain criteria that must be met to qualify for our services, we encourage all families to apply.  Click below to initiate the application process!

What are your family's goals? How can we help?

We believe a community is strengthened when families are aware of and have access to its resources. Click below to access our Resource Directory and find the resources you need to tackle your family’s challenge!  

Parenting Tips

Parenting styles vary from generation to generation, culture to culture, and family to family. Regardless of the style, we all can learn from each other and are striving for optimal results. Here are a few resources that might help your family enjoy more time together–and less time dealing with undesirable behaviors:

Family Activities in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a great place for families to spend quality time together. Here are a few resources to get the most fun out of your dollar in our city!

Educational Activities 0-5 years

Being ready for school is the goal for us at Chattanooga Head Start and Early Head Start.  Learning in our classrooms is fun and it can be fun at home too! Here are some resources and ideas for you to try!